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EasyExport.us is the premier online car auction that lets you bid daily on over 100,000+ clean and salvage vehicles in 50 states across the US.

We’re devoted to providing an incredible car buying experience and unparalleled customer service.

Save thousands of dollars on your next vehicle purchase with us!
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Charles M.
I purchased several cars on EasyExport and saved a lot of money. I know that everything I bought is worth way more than what I paid. EasyExport makes it possible to buy great vehicles for pennies compared to what they are really worth.
Steven E.
Thanks to EasyExport I purchased a Mercades and saved almost 40% from its regular price! It had some damage, but it was cheap to fix. Overall I spent significantly less money with EasyExport to get a great car than I would have spent otherwise
Nelson W.
At first I was very hesitant to buy a car online, but now im happy to say that EasyExport put all my worries at ease. They helped me from start to finish and were very patient and helpful in with the entire car buying process. I will definitely shop here again
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